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The world needs more
threefold farmers

Today’s internet is only accessible to ~60% of the planet.
Large power-hungry data centers centralized away from emerging markets build an architecture that is unequal and is unsustainable.


What is a threefold Farmer?

Farmers are individuals or organizations that help to build a better internet infrastructure by connecting nodes to the ThreeFold Grid – the world’s largest peer-to-peer network of Internet capacity (compute, network & storage).

Once connected to the grid, the nodes mint ThreeFold Tokens (TFT) to reward the farmer. Farmers also get rewarded when users reserve capacity from their nodes. This process is called cultivation.


Farming equipment partners

The first ever farming cooperative in Europe will handle all smaller nodes sales within the European Union and United States of America (shipping/import to USA excluded)


Handling the Asian and African Market is the farming cooperative Mazraa. Mazraa will be handling all sales from the pre-registers in Asia & Africa


4IG is a platinum partner of HPE and one of ThreeFold's partners for supplying commercial farmers with the right HPE equipment. They already supplied some of the larger farming cooperatives.


3nodes for home & Small office hosting

Pre-register today for a small node to host at your house.



Order your professional & certified HPE Farming hardware at 4IG.
4IG can ship to anybody within the EU.

All 4IG nodes are not Plug & Farm and need technical knowledge to setup.

More HPE partners will come online soon for these regions: Russia, Turkey, Africa and Eastern Europe

Reach out to us if you have any questions

Our team is at your service. 

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